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The Authors Online team is dedicated to promoting Authors and their books.  The team consists of published Authors who have gone through the struggles to make their own dream a reality. In order to help eliminate the headaches of self-promotion on the internet for other Authors, the team created this all-inclusive platform. Join our Author community.

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Pollyanna Puck

Pollyanna Puck

Veteran Author

My book is a first-class earth-shattering masterpiece of romance crime and politics set in the 17 century.

Cameron James

Cameron James

New Book

Hi. My book is the only one you will need for learning how to survive in the highest mountains of the world.

Annabelle Puck

Annabelle Puck

New Author

My twin sister Pollyanna is an accomplished author. I decided to follow in her footsteps. I proudly present my first novel “She Is The Evil Twin Not Me”. It is a true story based on my life.

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